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LocationSähkötalo, Korkeakoulunkatu 3, 33720 Tampere

Physics Unit conducts basic and applied research in three laboratories: Aerosol Physics, Computational Physics and Photonics. We employ approximately 180 people, including 14 professors and five associate professors or assistant professors who are hired on the tenure track. About 35% of our personnel have an international background. We are one of the three units in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS) at Tampere University. 

Our activities are a balanced combination of fundamental research and the development of industrial applications. In aerosol physics, our research interests focus on aerosol technology, particulate emissions, air quality and particulate processes in the atmosphere. We apply state-of-the-art research tools and techniques ranging from measurement technologies to numerical modelling. We undertake research in computational physics to study and predict physical phenomena and the properties of materials with the help of theoretical and computational methods. We also develop data analysis and scientific computing methods in a laboratory setting. Photonics is the science that studies and develops applications for generating, detecting, manipulating and utilising light. We aim to apply the results of our photonics research to develop applications across fields ranging from communications to energy, environmental and health technologies and consumer products.

We offer general physics courses for BSc students, specialist physics courses for MSc students, and physics courses for students who are studying to become teachers of mathematics and natural sciences at Tampere University. We are also responsible for teaching a broad range of basic physics courses that are mainly available to students enrolled in engineering programmes at Tampere University. We offer a specialisation in physics to students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Engineering and administer the Degree Programme in Photonics Technologies, both programmes being for international students. Besides attending lectures, our students work out exercises practising problem solving techniques in physics, complete laboratory assignments as well as carry out projects, especially in more advanced courses. Some of our courses are offered in a blended delivery format. The theses written by our BSc, MSc and doctoral students are connected to the research carried out in our research laboratories as well as projects commissioned by industry.


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