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ACCC - Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center

Tampere University
Area of focusTechnology

The goal of the ACCC (Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center) is to present cost-effective and science-based solutions to the two biggest challenges of our time: climate change and deteriorating air quality. The consortium consists of University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Eastern Finland and Tampere University.


Climate change and urban air quality are global challenges that affect the well-being of societies and human health. They are closely linked through emissions and atmospheric feedback, and, for example, climate-related measures also have an impact on air quality. The challenges posed by climate change have been addressed through the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. ACCC helps Finland, the EU and the world achieve the Paris climate goals and adapt to climate change with sustainable, cost-effective and research-based solutions, while promoting the goal of clean air.


The goals of the ACCC are achieved by achieving four sub-goals:

  1. Generating new information on climate change and air quality. In practice, this is accomplished by quantifying carbon sinks and other factors affecting the climate, as well as the nonlinear processes that determine the behavior of air pollutants in the atmosphere.
  2. Building a platform for collecting and sharing large amounts of data from both measurements and modeling.
  3. Creating science-based solutions that promote climate neutrality.
  4. Bringing companies and the research community together to develop new innovations.


The project aims to integrate climate and air quality problems and solutions into the mechanisms that guide the global economy. The project promotes the formation and development of business in the fields of climate technology, development of measuring equipment and data-driven services. Business co-operation gives rise to new practical solutions, such as atmospheric measurement instruments and climate and air quality analysis services. The key business partners represent the energy, transport, technology, food and forestry sectors.

Funding source

The project is part of the Academy of Finland's flagship program. The Academy of Finland's Flagship Program supports high-quality research and the resulting broad economic and social impact. The flagships combine strong co-operation with the business community and the rest of society, the ability to transform and the strong commitment of the background organizations. Flagships create the know-how of the future and sustainable solutions to society's challenges, and promote economic growth by developing new business opportunities, among other things. The Academy's funding for the ACCC flagship is EUR 11.25 million.

Coordinating organisation

University of Helsinki



University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Eastern Finland