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Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is a professional higher education institution oriented towards working life and RDI co-operation. Our strengths are multidisciplinary education, creativity, and a strong international profile. We place special emphasis on technology, wellbeing services, business administration, and culture.

TAMK's quality system has been audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

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Why are many Finnish students reluctant to participate in internationalisation events and activities? 

During the past year, the development team in TAMK Business and Services organised a focus group to investigate the reasons and to develop new possibilities. Tuula Andersson and Sven Rassl share the results on TAMK International blog.

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Learning in research, development and innovation is compulsory

Lifelong learning includes more than just the formal ways of learning like studying. When we do new things or work with topics we are not familiar with, we learn something new, writes vice rector Kirsi Viskari

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Different ways of studying

Are you looking for ways to expand your expertise after degree studies?

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