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Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary and respected educator, developer and partner of working life. TAMK's impact is particularly visible in the Tampere region, but also nationally and internationally.

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Next application: January 2025

Start preparing for the next application round by getting to know our degree offer.

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Different ways of studying

TAMK offers a wide repertoire of studies in English: from bachelor's and master's degrees to exchange studies and continuing education. Make your way to one of the most popular universities of applied sciences is Finland!

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Research, development and innovation

TAMK’s professional expertise, students’ fresh ideas and partners’ development needs meet in our research, development and innovation activities. We collaborate both with private companies and with public organisations to apply research. We use Living Labs, real life test environments in our projects.

Business services

TAMK is a skilful partner in business and work community development. Our extensive expert network and inventive students are available for you. You can give us individual commissions or conclude a long-term and multidisciplinary development partnership. We also organise staff training for work communities.

International TAMK

Our international operations include several study options in English language, global education export and partnerships.

For alumni

As TAMK’s alumnus you are a part of the university community’s alumni network. Welcome to the group of more than 100,000 alumni!

For future employees

Do you want to participate in building the future? We need experts of different fields for teaching, projects and development.

For donors

By donating you will support and develop TAMK and the university community.

TAMK International Blog

Reflections on sustainability developments in Finland and Canada: Insights from the SUSTAFIT research project

Two women smiling in streets of Toronto.

Sales leaders play a crucial role in this transformation by effectively communicating sustainability to customers and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within their organizations, says Pia Hautamäki.