TAMK's organisation

The organisation of Tampere University of Applied Sciences consists of seven schools and four other units. The operations are steered by an Executive Group. The main owner of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd is Tampere University Foundation.

Owners and administration

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Executive group areas of responsibility

  • President Tapio Kujala
  • Vice President Päivi Karttunen: Education and Learning Services
    Schools, Education Development Services, Education Support Services, Study Services, Student Recruitment Services, Learning and Well-being Services
  • Vice President Kirsi Viskari: External Funding and International Development
    Open and Ethical RDI, HUBS, Business Operations and Internationalisation, External Funding, Renewing Learning and Collaboration
  • Service Director Mikko Naukkarinen: Community Services
    Quality Management and Business Planning, Sport Services, Information Management Development, Facilities Management, (Library, Travel Services, Information Management)
  • HR Director Merja Jortikka: HR Services
    Records Management and Management Support, HR Development, Employment, Occupational Safety and Health