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TAMK’s international character strengthens the appeal and competitiveness of the Tampere region. Learn more about our international operations and become a member of our international network!


TAMK participates in EU's Erasmus+ programme and follows the Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS). 

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)


Nordplus is the programme for Nordic and Baltic countries' educational cooperation and mobility.

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The FIRST+ programme promotes collaboration of higher education institutions in Finland and Russia. It offers possibilities for Finnish–Russian Student and Teacher Exchange.

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Asia Program

TAMK participates in educational cooperation projects with Asian universities in target areas. 

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Strategic partners

Bilateral agreements have been signed with Hanzehogeschool
Groningen in the Netherlands and Hochschule München in Germany.Hanzehogeschool Groningen in the NetherlandsHochschule München in GermanyThe Hague University of Applies Sciences in the

The Hague Network

Together with The Hague University of Applies Sciences in the Netherlands, TAMK collaborates within The Hague Network.
Five other universities participate: Masaryk University in Czech Republic, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany, University Francisco de Vitoria in Spain, University of Derby in United Kingdom and University of Cagliari in Italy.

The Hague Network

International Networks

We value international cooperation with educational institutions, organizations, associations and more. TAMK is a proud member of several international networks. 

List of networks 
Finnish National Agency for Education

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TAMK promotes and develops international activities in TAMK in close cooperation with TAMK Schools. We serve students, teachers and partners in all matters concerning TAMK’s international cooperation.

Ask about our international activities from our international staff. We are happy to help!

International operations in TAMK

TAMK coordinates international operations through Continent Teams:

Asia, team leader Tanyu Chen (tanyu.chen [at] tuni.fi)
Africa, team leader Eeva-Liisa Viskari (eeva-liisa.viskari [at] tuni.fi)

Europe, team leader Kirsi Jokipakka (kirsi.jokipakka [at] tuni.fi)
Latin-America, team leader Virpi Heinonen (virpi.heinonen [at] tuni.fi)

Student mobility
TAMK Study Services
outgoing.tamk [at] tuni.fi
incoming.tamk [at] tuni.fi

Staff mobility
TAMK Global Education
staffexchange.tamk [at] tuni.fi

International RDI projects
External Funding
Anne-Maria Mäkelä (anne-maria.makela [at] tuni.fi)

Education Export and International Partnerships
Business operations and Internationalisation
Carita Prokki (carita.prokki [at] tuni.fi)

Education Export

At TAMK Global Education Services we offer modern, high quality and innovative education worldwide. Please, contact us for more information.

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Head of Education Export

Carita Prokki
+358 40 733 5650
carita.prokki [at] tuni.fi ()

R&D and Innovation

Perttu Heino
Director, R&D

+358 50 401 2168

perttu.heino [at] tuni.fi ()