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Accessibility at TAMK

Accessibility is part of everyday choices and solutions. Our goal is that TAMK's activities are accessible, inclusive for students and staff and free from har-assment and racism. We constantly develop accessibility in cooperation with staff and students in TAMK's all activities.

What is accessibility?

In an accessible higher education institution, facilities, electronic systems, learning environments, teaching methods and attitudinal atmosphere enable participation and equality of students and staff members who have various personal characteristics and different life situations.

Individual needs can mean, for example, needs related to health, age, language or cultural background. The different aspects of accessibility overlap and are interconnected. Equality issues are closely connected to accessibility.

Everyone’s TAMK

Accessibility at TAMK today

Developing accessibility

Get to know our accessibility plan and key development measures for 2023-2024.

Everyone’s TAMK - accessibility plan for 2022

Development targets and measures for 2023–2024