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Tampere University of Applied Sciences as an employer

TAMK’s basic task is to produce new competence for working life. In practice, it means high-quality education and supervision as well as innovative RDI in cooperation with working life. All in all, TAMK has more than 700 professionals in a variety of multidisciplinary positions.

TAMK is a multidisciplinary community of professionals

TAMK is a multidisciplinary and working life oriented higher education institution whose competence areas are business and media, pedagogical solutions and culture, built environment and bioeconomy, social services and health care and industrial engineering. The corresponding five schools manage their core operations in such a way that education, RDI and paid services are seamlessly connected to one another.

In addition to teaching staff, TAMK has research, development and innovation (RDI) professionals and support services staff for example in student counselling and wellbeing services. Communications, ICT, financial and HR services are also represented at TAMK. 

TAMK’s basic task is to produce new competence for working life. TAMK’s strategy includes three main objectives which support achievement of the basic task. They are internationality, working life orientation and pedagogical reform.

Wellbeing, development and participation

Staff development

Staff development is based on TAMK’s strategy, operational environment changes and foresight of future competence needs. We invest in development of expertise, pedagogical development, coaching leadership and service culture building and maintenance. Staff members are also encouraged to entrepreneurial work approach and related benefits are used in team-based work.

All staff members have regular development discussions. We consider the development needs in annual operational planning.

Staff wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is a priority at TAMK. Occupational wellbeing consists of success possibilities in work assignments, work ability, motivation, working atmosphere, smooth cooperation and good leadership culture.

We monitor occupational wellbeing regularly and promote it with a variety of measures and services. They include coaching leadership and team-based work as well as continuous development of practices. Functioning occupational health care and sports services also promote staff wellbeing.

Equal participation possibilities

We maintain and develop staff competence and a psychologically safe work community. Psychological safety encourages everyone to bring forward their thoughts, share their unfinished ideas and challenge without the fear of being humiliated or put under the microscope. Psychological safety is closely related to the team-based and entrepreneurial work approach.

We also value open discussion culture at TAMK. We use for example a variety of discussion forums between the management and staff as well as between superiors, teams and colleagues.


Entrepreneurial teamwork at TAMK

The six thesis of entrepreneurial teamwork:

  1. I can have an influence by tackling matters.
  2. I have permission to experiment, fail and succeed in the team.
  3. I can take a risk and share it with others.
  4. I drive my team forward with my encouraging example.
  5. I have the courage to share my strange and unfinished ideas and others will help me.
  6. I influence and am influenced by others’ entrepreneurialism.