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Equality in TAMK

Equality work is largely based on legislation but also TAMK’s ambition to build good everyday practices for students and staff.

Equality is a part of our everyday working environment

TAMK’s operational culture and leadership practices support fair and equal treatment of staff and students. The practices arise from our strategy and values. We value global responsibility, activeness, learning and competence. Our aim is to succeed together and respect diversity in the community.

TAMK invests in continuous competence development and building of a psychologically safe operating environment. Equality increases wellbeing and experience of fairness among staff and students and thus positively influences our whole community. Equality is annually discussed on a variety of forums.

Equality issues are also closely connected to accessibility. Read more about TAMK's accessibility principles, practices and development targets.

TAMK as an employer

TAMK is a multidisciplinary and working life oriented higher education institution whose competence areas are business and media, pedagogical solutions and culture, built environment and bioeconomy, social services and health care and industrial engineering. Education, RDI and paid services are seamlessly connected to one another in all operations. In addition to teaching staff, TAMK has RDI professionals and support services staff for example in student counselling and wellbeing services. Communications, ICT, financial and HR services are also represented at TAMK. All in all, TAMK has more than 700 professionals.