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Micro- and nanofabrication

Tampere University
Hervanta Campus
AddressSähkötalo, Korkeakoulunkatu 3
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Tampere University has well-established micro- and nanofabrication facilities available for research and industrial R&D work. The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences hosts two cleanrooms (ISO 5 and ISO 7) for nanomaterial and semiconductor device processing.

Micro-­ and  nanofabrication  infrastructure  enables  fabrication of  samples and devices utilizing  III-­V  semiconductors,  silicon,  metals,  dielectrics,  polymers  and  glass. In addition infra has capabilities in building application specific interfaces to prepared chips and samples. 

The facilities include instruments for micro- and nanolithography, thin-film deposition, dry etching, wet processing, annealing, dicing and optical coatings. Interfacing options include methods like flip-chip bonding, wire bonding and uv-glue bonding and laser soldering. Methods allow preparation of assemblies around fabricated samples.  

Facility is open to all internal and external users after user training and assessment of user need and available service offering. In some cases facility or university can offer different type of research or fabrication services.