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LocationKorkeakoulunkatu 3, 33720 Tampere

Photonics, the science and technology of light, plays an increasing role in all aspects of human endeavour. The research groups forming the Photonics Laboratory work on advancing the fundamental knowledge of light interaction with novel materials and nanostructures, the development of photonic materials, devices and solutions addressing major scientific and societal challenges. For example, our research topics target new solutions for high-speed and energy-efficient manipulation of data, harvesting of solar energy, sensing of pollutants, process control, and next-generation medical tools. We unite complementary thematics creating the highest concentration of photonics research expertise in Finland.

Photonics has several M.Sc. level courses that are in the core of the Degree Programme in Photonics Technologies. Photonics is also one of the three possible study paths (alongside Aerosol Physics and Computational Physics) in the curriculum of Advanced Engineering Physics major of the M.Sc. Degree Programme in Science and Engineering. In addition to the aforementioned degree programmes, Photonics courses can be included in other programmes e.g. as electives.