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Photonic Glasses

Glass melting

Our group is part of the photonics research community at Tampere University and of the Flagship Programme, Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN).

We are interested in the design of novel glass media for photonic applications, mainly lasers. We perform full cycle research from the glass synthesis and fundamental characterization to practical applications of new materials. By investigating and understanding the composition-structure-property relationships in these materials, our goal is to develop new glass compositions with tailored properties to suit specific application needs.

Research focus and goals

The main interest of our group is the development of rare-earth codoped glasses which could find application as optical fibers, waveguide lasers, optical amplifiers, multicolor displayers, solid state lasers, mid-infrared lasers, Q-switched devices and active glass-ceramic (GC). Keeping an eye on the front-edge of the optical media development, we use the latest scientific achievements and methods to improve and design new perspective materials for photonics.

Contact persons

Laeticia Petit

laeticia.petit [at]

+358 50-447-8481