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New researchers appointed to Tampere Institute for Advanced Study

Published on 15.9.2023
Tampere University
New researchers
The new researchers of Tampere Institute for Advanced Study were welcomed by an opening seminar on 13 September. In addition to participating in the research institutes’ general activities, the autumn’s programme also includes starting a mentoring programme and discussions conducted with each of the new researchers. (Photograph: Jonne Renvall).
Tampere Institute for Advanced Study has selected 15 new researchers whose employment relationships have just begun. A total of 342 applications were submitted for the posts.

In the call for applications in spring 2023, nine two-year Postdoctoral Research Fellow positions and six three-year Senior Research Fellow posts were open in Tampere University’s fields of research. 

A pre-selection was conducted by a selection committee consisting of the University's professors in the fields of technology, health, and society. Sixty-four pre-selected applications were then ranked by international external evaluators in the same fields. 

“Many of the experts involved in the evaluation considered the overall standard of the applications they assessed to be high internationally, reflecting the high pressure of applications and the opportunity that the pre-selection process provided to send only the very best applications to external evaluation," says Director of the Tampere Institute for Advanced Study Juha Teperi who coordinated the application round. 

“Even though many of the appointed persons have a background at Tampere University, they also include people from further afield from, for example, Cambridge, Lyon and Kerala,” Teperi adds. 

Tampere University’s President appointed 15 researchers based on the proposal of the selection committee. In accordance with the proposal, the President also put 24 researchers on a reserve list. 

The following people appointed took their new posts as researchers at the institute on 1 September 2023: 

Postdoctoral Research Fellows 

Heittola, Toni: Acoustic Scene Understanding 

Karlsson, Joshua: Controlling the Photostability of Next Generation Solar Cells–Molecular Photonics (Physical Chemistry)–PHOTOSENG 

Koivikko, Anastasia: High-speed Optical Sensors for Traumatic Brain Injury Detection 

Kraatila, Elise: Age of Uncertainty: Speculative Narratives in 21st-century Fiction and Nonfiction 

Maazaz, Ismaël: Entangled Waterscapes: Temporalities, Experiences and Policies of Water Scarcity and Flooding in Central Africa

Morikka, Jack: Investigating the Role of Macrophage Signalling in Pulmonary Fibrosis Using Omics and Cell Co-Culture Models. 

Raju, Shiji: Heparin-capped Superparamagnetic Iron-oxide Nanoparticles Armed with Interleukin-2 and Anti-programmed Death Molecule-1 as a Multifunctional Nano-immunotherapeutic Combatant in Prostate Cancer 

Saari, Sina: Mitochondrial Thermogenesis and Metabolic Adaptation in Hare and Human Fibroblasts 

Taskinen, Ilari: Experiences of War with Digital Data 

Senior Research Fellows 

Backman, Jussi: A Political Genealogy of Happiness 

Hakkarainen, Teemu: Semiconductor Light Sources for Quantum Technology 

Juuti-Uusitalo, Kati: Development of Preclinical Two-dimensional iPSC-based Small Intestinal Epithelial in Vitro Model for Celiac Disease 

Kuosmanen, Julia: Embodied Video Gaming as a Means of Cognitive Peer-training of Impulse and Behavior Control in Children with Attention Deficit and ADHD 

Kylliäinen, Anneli: Early Parental Guidance of Facial Interaction and Sleep Quality for Toddlers with Prodromal Traits of Autism 

Urbanucci, Alfonso: Dissecting Prostate Cancer Dependencies for Tailored Treatments 

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