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About me

I work as a Senior Scientist in the Photonics Laboratory, Physics unit. My specialty are III-V semiconductor materials and components and their fabrication and characterization. I have also the Title of Docent in semiconductor technologies.


Radiation safety officer (the XRD instruments at Physic unit, the micro-XRF instrument at Tampere microscopy center)

Infra responsibilities and acting as the contact person regarding semiconductor fabrication and characterization infra

Research on optoelectronic materials and devices

Taking part to Research hub planning especially regarding MBE and semiconductor analysis rooms 

Fields of expertise

Characterization of epitaxial semiconductor materials (XRD, GIXRD, XRR, PL, DLTS, C-V, reflectance and transmission measurements, Hall, microscopy, AFM, EQE, L-I-V-T)

Design and characterization III-V semiconductor solar cells (single junction, multijunction devices) 

Molecular beam epitaxy (III-V semiconductor materials and structures (e.g. lasers, solar cells)

Design, fabrication and characterization of quantum structures and optical thin films

Latest publications