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TWISTION - Twisted Ions - a novel tool for quantum science

Tampere University
Duration of project1.9.2022–1.8.2027
Area of focusTechnology

One of the most fundamental principles of quantum physics, the so-called wave-particle dualism of quantum objects, is at the heart of a recently developed research field: twisted matter waves. Their unique features have been studied using electrons, with immediate impact on fundamental studies and applications in quantum-enhanced microscopy schemes as a magnetic nano-sensor. With the ERC Starting Grant project TWISTION, the Experimental Quantum Optics group at Tampere University will venture into this field and study structuring matter waves for larger and heavier charged systems. We will further explore both theoretically and experimentally the unique features such system can have, thereby establishing such twisted matter waves a novel tool for quantum science at the interface between optics and atom physics.