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Tampere Microscopy Center

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Tampere Microscopy Center

Tampere Microscopy Center (TMC) is the university-level infrastructure. It provides instruments, training and services for researchers in Tampere University and through research collaboration also for other research institutes and industry. Our goal is to train our users to work independently and offer support to help them become experts.

Tampere Microscopy Center offers versatile selection of instruments to help you get to know your samples inside out.

You can visit our premises virtually and learn more about the instruments and methods available in our facilities. From TUNICRIS you can learn more about research publications utilizing TMC facilities.

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Tampere Microscopy Center has the Steering Group with members from various TAU Faculties: Chairman, Prof. Minnamari Vippola (ENS); Vice Chairman, Senior Research Fellow Teemu Ihalainen (MET); Prof. Alessandro Foi (ITC); Project Manager Pirjo Kuula (BEN); Assoc. Prof. Katri Lindfors (MET); Prof. Matti Mäntysalo (ITC); Prof. Arri Priimägi (ENS); Head of Unit Pekka Savolainen (ENS); Senior Scientist Mari Honkanen (TMC); Staff Scientist Turkka Salminen (TMC)

Tampere Microscopy Center is an active partner in the TAU Imaging Research Platform funded by Academy of Finland PROFI6 funding to strengthen university research profiles.