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BIQOS - Boosting Integrated Quantum Optics with Structured Photons

Tampere University
Duration of project1.9.2020–30.8.2024
Area of focusTechnology
Sketch of an integrated manipulation of structured photons

Quantum technologies are on the verge of entirely changing the way we compute, sense, and communicate information. At the forefront of future photonic quantum communication schemes are so-called high-dimensional quantum states. Such states not only allow enlarging the data capacity of a single particle of light, i.e. photon, but also improving the noise resilience in unconditionally secure quantum cryptography schemes. In this project performed at Tampere University, the Experimental Quantum Optics group will develop a chip-based integration method for the spatial structure of photons, one of the most popular physical realizations of high-dimensional quantum states. The technology will enable an enhanced generation, detection, and modulation as well as some of the most promising quantum photonics applications, like an integrated entanglement distribution and novel linear optical network.

Funding source

Academy Research Fellowship of the Academy of Finland (Decision 332399 and 336375)