Environmental engineering

Materials science and environmental engineering

The research in the materials science and environmental engineering is focused on three research fields:

Engineering Materials Science

Engineering Materials Science (EMS) utilizes new breakthrough materials to address future challenges related to the environment, energy and human welfare. We develop solutions for all materials used in industrial applications, such as metals, ceramics, elastomers, composites and paper-based materials, as well as study and develop different engineering coatings and surfaces. We take pride in our excellent quality of education; our teachers, laboratories and research are at the cutting edge of materials science in Finland.

Bio and Circular Economy

The goal of the Bio and Circular Economy research is to promote a cleaner and safer future for the benefit of people and the environment. The group focuses on sustainable conversion of municipal and industrial wastes, wastewaters and flue gas streams to biochemicals and biofuels as well as on recovery of nutrients and metals.  

Our fields of research include environmental engineering, energy and biorefining and synthetic biology. The group covers research ranging from molecular-level to large-scale processes.

Chemistry and Advanced Materials

Chemistry and Advanced Materials is a cluster of five research teams working in various fields of science, with chemistry as the central discipline. Comprising researchers with many different interests, our research activities are centered around the themes of functional materials for light-driven technologies and new compounds and chemical modifications for bio- and circular economy. We foster interdisciplinary solutions for contemporary problems, cemented in chemistry.

Our research teams: