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Chemistry and Advanced Materials (CAM)

Chemistry is the central science for building sustainable future. It is a natural science with many faces, pertinent to the development of advanced technological solutions of tomorrow, promotion of clean living environment, and securing human-kind's well-being. Be it clean water, synthetic or biological materials, renewable energy or drug development, it all leans on chemistry.

Our goal is to foster interdisciplinary solutions for contemporary problems cemented in chemistry in a vivid and international research environment, through privileged access to state-of-the-art instrumentation. We also offer a broad and high-level chemistry education required for successful career development in modern research and industry.

The CAM research environment comprises 5 professors, 5 university lecturers/teachers, ca. 10 postdoctoral researchers and roughly equal amount of doctoral students. We train BSc, MSc and PhD students with strong knowhow in chemistry, targeting employment in industry, teaching or research. Our research activities are centered around the themes of functional materials for light-driven technologies and new compounds and chemical modifications for bio- and circular economy.

We are also part of the PREIN Flagship - the Finnish photonics research and innovation platform.


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