About me

I am a Professor of Chemistry and lead a research group Smart Photonic Materials (click here to enter our web page and scroll down to find in CV and publication list in pdf form). We conduct research on functional soft materials whose properties can be controlled by external stimuli. We especially focus on light-activated materials because light offers a clean and remote stimulus that can trigger material changes with high spatial and temporal resolution. We apply these materials to various directions such as soft robotics, photonics and biomaterials science

Light has many faces, as do functional materials. Put them together, and the possibilities are limitless!

In scientific research, I believe in 

  • Interdisciplinarity: We need both physicists and chemists to understand new materials. And we need new materials for technologies of tomorrow.
  • Collaboration: Let's join forces, since together we are stronger. And by working together, let's make Tampere University stronger.
  • Basic science: Scientific research should not be driven by short-term technological or societal needs. By laying the foundations properly, the technological and societal advancements will follow.

We work as part of the Chemistry & Advanced Materials Research Cluster as well as the PREIN Flagship on Photonics Research.

Check out also the below videos:
More on our science - Video 1
More on our science - Video 2