Hervannan kampuksella on paljon opiskelijoita nauttimassa kesäpäivästä korkean rakennuksen edessä nurmikolla.

Hervanta campus - a hub of science, technology and collaboration

Opiskelijoita kävelemässä ulkona Hervannan kampuksen Tietotalo-rakennuksen pääovien edessä aurinkoisena kesäpäivänä.

The international and vibrant Hervanta campus is a community of 8,000 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students. It is a workplace for 2,000 professionals from different fields and also a homebase to more than 100 companies. Hervanta campus and the surrounding area constitute a major technology hub. It enables co-operation between academics, students and companies in development and research of technology and it's applications. Our common commitment is to develop technology for the benefit of business, society and humankind. Teekkari culture thrives at the heart of our campus.

Hervanta campus brings together people from 60 countries and practically of all ages, as the Touhula nursery school, Etelä-Hervanta Comprehensive School and Yrityskylä learning environment are also located on our campus.

A broad range of services and multipurpose facilities are available in our campus to encourage and support productive collaborations. The campus facilities can be adapted for for short- or long-term working. They also serve event organizers.

Reach buildings at Hervanta campus

Festia building


Korkeakoulunkatu 8
P.O. Box 541, 33014 Tampere University

festia.info [at] tuni.fi
tel. +358 (0) 294 524 011

Festia's info services will be available from Info desk of Konetalo.



Korkeakoulunkatu 7
P.O. Box 1001, 33014 Tampere University

Info desk

Mon - Fri 7.30 am - 4 pm
kampusareena.info [at] tuni.fi
tel. 0294 524 020

Konetalo building


Korkeakoulunkatu 6
P.O. Box 589, 33014 Tampere University

Info desk

Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm
konetalo.info [at] tuni.fi
tel. 0294 524 012

Main building (Päärakennus)


Korkeakoulunkatu 10
P.O. Box 527, 33014 Tampere University

Info desk

Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm
paarakennus.info [at] tuni.fi
tel. 0294 524 010 

Rakennustalo building


Korkeakoulunkatu 5
P.O. Box 600, 33014 Tampere University

Rakennustalo's info services will be available from Info desk of Main building.

Sähkötalo building


Korkeakoulunkatu 3
P.O. Box 692, 33014 Tampere University

Info desk

Mon - Fri 9 am - 3 pm
sahkotalo.info [at] tuni.fi
tel. 0294 524 015 

Tietotalo building


Korkeakoulunkatu 1
P.O. Box 553, 33014 Tampere University

Info desk

Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm
tietotalo.info [at] tuni.fi
tel. 0294 524 014

Sportshall Tamppi Areena


Korkeakoulunkatu 12, 33720 Tampere

Customer service Mon - Fri at 9 am - 3 pm

Sport Coordinator Janette Savumaa
E-mail: sini.karsa [at] tuni.fi
tel. +358 50 4702737 (also Signal) at office hours

Hall supervisors
sportuni.hervanta [at] tuni.fi
tel. +358 50 447 8508 (also WhatsApp) at evenings and weekends

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