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About me

I am doing my work with close collaboration with industry by utilizing latest discoveries of natural sciences. My research focus is in advanced ceramics and the processing of them from particles to structures and surfaces with extreme performance. The research is aiming to industrial competence of companies, high impact research and publications and also education of multitalented scientists and engineers at the field of materials science. 


Head of the the Engineering Materials Science which is sub-unit of Materials Science and Environmental Engineering (MSEE) 

Group leader of advanced ceramic materials

Fields of expertise

Ceramic materials, nanomaterials,functional ceramics, engineering ceramics, plastic deformation of nanoceramics, functional surfaces, supercritical carbon dioxide assisted processing, 3D printing of ceramics, colloidal processing, laser assisted processing etc.

Top achievements

Helping of commercialization of long-term research around colloidal processing monitoring as spin-off company ColloidTek Oy and continuation on research around topic.

Zn-based nanowire synthesis by environmentally friendly supercritical carbon dioxide processing, that has both academic and industrial impact.

EU H2020 FET-OPEN project “Nanostencil”, which combines supercritical processing with laser assisted synthesis.

Improvement of open research interaction between industry and academic research.

Main positions of trust

European Ceramic Society (ECerS) Council member

Secretary of Finnish Ceramic Society

Research unit

Materials Science and Environmental Engineering (MSEE)


After 2012: Academy of Finland; PI or sub-PI in 4 projects. EU; FP7 and H2020 sub-PI in 3 projects. Tekes and Business Finland; PI and sub-PI in 6 projects. Direct industrial projects.

Research career

2019- Professor of Ceramic Materials at Materials Science and Environmental Engineering, Tampere University, TAU

2017- Head of “Engineering Materials Science and Solutions” -research consortium

2017-2018 Head of the Laboratory of Materials Science (LMS), TUT

2014-2016 Head of the Department of Materials Science (DMS), TUT,

2012- Professor of Ceramic Materials at DMS, TUT

Selected publications

Zakeri, S., Vippola, M., Levänen, E. A comprehensive review of the photopolymerization of ceramic resins used in stereolithography, Additive Manufacturing, 35, art. no. 101177. (2020)

Frankberg, E.J., Kalikka, J., Ferré, F.G., Joly-Pottuz, L., Salminen, T., Hintikka, J., Hokka, M., Koneti, S., Douillard, T., Le Saint, B., Kreiml, P., Cordill, M.J., Epicier, T., Stauffer, D., Vanazzi, M., Roiban, L., Akola, J., Fonzo, F.D., Levänen, E., Masenelli-Varlot, K., Highly ductile amorphous oxide at room temperature and high strain rate, Science, 366 (6467), pp. 864-869, (2019).

Ismailov, A., Merilaita, N., Solismaa, S., Karhu, M., Levänen, E. Utilizing mixed-mineralogy ferroan magnesite tailings as the source of magnesium oxide in magnesium potassium phosphate cement, Construction and Building Materials, 231, (2020)

Kinnunen, P., Ismailov, A., Solismaa, S., Sreenivasan, H., Räisänen, M.-L., Levänen, E., Illikainen, M. Recycling mine tailings in chemically bonded ceramics – A review, Journal of Cleaner Production, 174, pp. 634-649 (2018)

Kaleva, A., Saarimaa, V., Heinonen, S., Nikkanen, J.-P., Markkula, A., Väisänen, P., Levänen, E. Dissolution-induced nanowire synthesis on hot-dip galvanized surface in supercritical carbon dioxide, Nanomaterials, 7 (7), art. no. 181 (2017) 

Nikkanen, J.-P., Huttunen-Saarivirta, E., Salminen, T., Hyvärinen, L., Honkanen, M., Isotahdon, E., Heinonen, S., Levänen, E. Enhanced photoactive and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 sol-gel coated steel by the application of SiO2 intermediate layer, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 174-175, pp. 533-543, (2015) 

Zhang, X., Heinonen, S., Levänen, E. Applications of supercritical carbon dioxide in materials processing and synthesis, RSC Advances, 4 (105), pp. 61137-61152 (2014)

Zhang, X., Wang, L., Levänen, E. Superhydrophobic surfaces for the reduction of bacterial adhesion RSC Advances, 3 (30), pp. 12003-12020, (2013) 

Ramirez, A.M., Demeestere, K., De Belie, N., Mäntylä, T., Levänen, E. Titanium dioxide coated cementitious materials for air purifying purposes: Preparation, characterization and toluene removal potential, Building and Environment, 45 (4), pp. 832-838 (2010) 

Latest publications