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Environmental engineering

The research of environmental engineering develops processes and concepts for the treatment of municipal and industrial waste and side streams. In addition, we study drinking water production, landfill management, management of contaminants, and technologies for remediation of contaminated environments.

The main research environments include laboratories for water engineering and micropollutants, biogas and CO2 utilisation, bioelectrochemical systems, and thermochemistry. The facilities include tailor-made and commercial biological and thermal processes, including reactors for biogas processes, bioelectrochemical systems, microalgae, biomining applications, chemical looping gasification, hydrothermal biorefineries, pyrolysis, advanced oxidation processes, catalytic environmental remediation, etc., as well as set-ups for doing research on drinking water applications. There are also various devices for continuous monitoring and controlling, including mass flow controllers and online sensors, as well as incubators, anaerobic hoods, etc.

Environmental engineering testing
Photo by Jonne Renvall, TAU