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Water Engineering

We study production of drinking water from different raw water sources as well as treatment of wastewater and stormwater. We utilise and optimize physical, chemical and biological processes for this purpose. We develop management and control of water distribution systems by utilization of e.g. online measurements to study water quality.

We conduct research in laboratory, pilot- and full-scale treatment and distribution systems.

Research focus and goals

Our aim is to develop concepts and processes aiming at optimisation of safe drinking water quality both in the production and distribution systems. In addition, our aim is to minimise environmental load of wastewater and develop methods for utilisation of process, waste and side streams of industry and water utilities. We also study behaviour and control of contaminants, such as microplastics and heavy metals, in the water treatment systems. We work in close collaboration with different actors in order to ensure efficient transfer of research knowledge to end users.  


We work in close collaboration with companies, research institutions and water utilities. We conduct laboratory experiments as well as pilot studies and optimization of processes on site. Our research is funded by e.g. companies, foundations, ministries and water utilities. We disseminate our research solutions to scientific community and end users in industry and water utilities.