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About me

My primary professional research expertise is related to studying Engineering Materials Science and Tribology, including tribo-corrosion, impact wear, fretting wear, and fatigue of machine elements. I am a member of USA (STLE), Japanese (JAST), and Korean (KTS) tribology societies, where I am a Chair of the “Surface Engineering” committee at STLE. My h-index is 34 (Google Scholar). 


Besides research, I actively take responsibility for teaching “Tribology- and Fatigue-related” courses.

Fields of expertise

My research group at TAU is “Tribology and Surface Modification”, which is designated to improve the ultimate tribological performance and service lifetime of machine elements by surface treatment technologies and their combination with surface engineering and manufacturing processes.

Mission statement

My primary goal is to provide advanced tribological expertise and solutions for developing future design concepts for machine elements such as gears, bearings, and frictional joints to improve their performance, service life, and operation monitoring and diagnostics. My vision is to collaborate strongly with domestic and international universities and industrial partners who face real industrial tribology-related problems by working diligently to establish and maintain externally funded vital research projects that will provide early career toxicologists with opportunities for scientific growth, networking, and career advancement. I will translate my research findings into practical products to improve the manufacturing productivity of “Made in Finland”.

Research topics

Tribology, Tribo-corrosion, Fretting, Fatigue, Materials Science, Surface Engineering, Manufacturing process

Research unit

Materials Science and Environmental Engineering