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About me

Our research group of Plastics and Elastomer Technology (link

Details of my research and work within the academic and academic-industrial societies can be found in TUTCris (link

Publications can also paged via ORCID (000 0-0002-5172-3992)

Main positions of trust

Positions of trust in academic-industrial societies:

The Composites Group of Finnish Plastics Industries Federation (TAU representative ) 

International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (Finland representative)   

Finnish Society of Aeronautical Engineers FSAE (board member)  

SAMPE Finland (chair/board member) 

Mission statement

The world needs new multi-materials that are mechanically strong and tough in the practical continuum framework. These materials must be sustainable - even programmable to become compostable. These materials are researched via synthesis, experimental characterization, and numerical simulation. I target to progress the research of load carrying composite materials, focusing on i) scalability of thermo-mechanical features from micro to macro length scales, and ii) fracture, environmental degradation, thermo-mechanical deformation, and the durability of any bio-organism response. I love multi-disciplinary studies that combine various characterization methods, quantitative experiments, and numerical modelling.

Research fields

Computational materials science, biocomposites, advanced composites, functional polymer materials