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Johnson Singh

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tampere University
phone number+358504754094
Hervanta Campus

About me

        I am a research experimentalist in nanophotonics with a PhD degree in Physics from Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bengaluru, India. My research area focuses on the experimental and theoretical aspects of engineering light matter interactions in plasmonic and dielectric nanostructured systems. Core research topics include optical chirality, optical metamaterials, metasurfaces, Mie resonators, SERS, microspectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, nanofabrication and finite element modeling. I am a driven professional with an open and a reflective mind who is very passionate about scientific research and not afraid to look for challenges outside my comfort zone.


My current responsibility focuses around development of optical set and prototyping light field microscopy for volumetric 3D imaging.

Fields of expertise

My technical expertise lies in building optical characterisation sets ups; large area micro-nanofabrication and characterisation techniques; semi-analytical and finite element modeling. Check out my linkedIn or ORCID profile for details.

Mission statement

Research impacting challenging problems that can be addressed with nanophotonics; fabricate devices, built optical characterisation set ups and implement theoretical/numerical modelling while training, educating and inspiring students and researchers alike.

Research topics

Chiral Plasmonics, Dielectric Mie Resonators, Optical Metasurface, Nanofabrication, Hyperspectral Imaging

Research unit


Research fields


Research career

Ph.D., Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Banaglore, India.

Research Associate, CeNSE, Indian Institute of Science, Banaglore, India.

Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton, UK.

Selected publications

Singh, Haobijam Johnson, et al. "Optical Mie Scattering by DNA-Assembled Three-Dimensional Gold Nanoparticle Superlattice Crystals." ACS Applied Optical Materials (2022).

Johnson, Peter B., et al. "Superresolved polarization-enhanced second-harmonic generation for direct imaging of nanoscale changes in collagen architecture." Optica 8.5 (2021): 674-685.

Singh, Haobijam Johnson, and Ambarish Ghosh. "Large and tunable chiro-optical response with all dielectric helical nanomaterials." ACS Photonics 5.5 (2018): 1977-1985.

Singh, Johnson Haobijam, et al. "Wafer scale fabrication of porous three-dimensional plasmonic metamaterials for the visible region: chiral and beyond." Nanoscale 5.16 (2013): 7224-7228.