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Mircea Guina

Professor, Optoelectronics technology and applications

About me

I am professor of optoelectronics (semiconductor technology). Optoelectronics serves as the core technology for the majority of light driven photonics applications. Optoelectronic devices are used to transform electrons into photons, modulate and amplify light beams, transfer photonic signals to electronic domains, or convert solar light to energy.

My personal motto is “MAKE A DIFFERNCE!”. I follow this by identifying early stage emerging areas of research concerning III-V optoelectronics materials and novel device concepts. I target long-term impact by establishing technology development roadmaps starting from basic material science and ending with proof-of-concept applications, such as the use of semiconductor lasers in dermatology, sensing of environmental pollutants, and high efficiency solar energy conversion. 

OSA Fellow SPIE Fellow


I am heading the research work at the “ORC-team” (Optoelectronics Research Center ), part of photonics community in Physics Unit. ORC is one of the leading optoelectronics research groups in Europe with more than 30 years of activity centered on the use of molecular beam epitaxy and the development of novel optoelectronic devices, such as laser diodes or solar cells. It is also the cradle of laser industry in Tampere and Finland.

I am responsible for three MSc-level courses in the area of optoelectronics and photonics and I act as lead supervisor or co-supervisor for 12 PhD students. I am PI of an ERC AdG project (AMETIST), and several other projects funded by the Academy of Finland, Business Finland, the European Commission (H2020), and the European Space Agency. 

Fields of expertise

Molecular beam epitaxy, optoelectronic devices, semiconductor lasers, high-efficiency photovoltaics, ultrafast semiconductors, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Top achievements

1. Over 230 refereed journal articles, h-index = 30 WoS; 32 Scopus; 38 Google Scholar

2. More than 35 invited talks at international conferences (e.g. Photonics West, CLEO, MRS, EuroMBE)

3. Frequently invited for seminars at leading photonics research laboratories (mainly in Europe) 

4. Author and co-author of 9 book chapters, 4 granted patents, and several patent applications

5. Supervisor of more than 25 postgraduate students: 15 theses completed, 3 to be completed in 2021 and 3 others planned for completion in 2022; 5 student awards at major international conferences (EU-PVSEC 2015, Photonics Europe 2014, Euro-MBE 2013, Northern Physics 2011, Euro-MBE 2011); three student awards for "The Best PhD-thesis in photonics/technology” (V. Polojärvi, 2017; A. Aho, 2016; T. Hakkarainen, 2015).

Main positions of trust

2015 – 2021 Topical Editor, Optics Letters, OSA

2015 – Topical Editor, Journal of the European Optical Society, EOS 

2015 – Permanent member of the Scientific Board of the European MBE Workshop

2016 – Chairmen of the Academic Advisory Board of Photonics Finland 

2018 – Editorial Board, Optics and Lasers section, Journal of Applied Sciences, MDPI

2018 – Permanent member of the International Advisory Board, International MBE Conference

2019 – Member of Photonics21 Board of Stakeholder, representing Tampere University

2019/’17/’15 – External reviewer for European Research Council Executive Agency (ERC grants)

Founder and Director of the International Summer School “New Frontiers in Optical Technologies ” (2001/2003/2005/2007/2009/2011/2013/2015/2017/2019) 

Chairman of the Board at Vexlum Oy , Picophotonics Oy, and Reflekron Oy  

Mission statement

My vision is powered by integration of multidisciplinary research in material science, new photonics technologies, and photonics applications. The pinnacle of these developments is to see the research work providing innovative solutions for real-world applications. To this end, I follow in the footsteps of the optoelectronics technology pioneers in Tampere, continuing our strong tradition for establishing high-tech photonics spin-offs and technology transfer programs. I do this by fostering innovation driven activities within the research group while striving to improve our scientific and educational output. 

I am a strong advocate of entrepreneurship in research as the most direct link to achieve societal impact and motivate the efforts for advancing the frontiers of science and technology (I am co-founder of three spin-offs resulted from research programs I initiated, and I collaborate with a large number of industrial research partners in Finland and abroad).

Research topics

1. Topics concerning novel optoelectronics materials: InAs-based quantum nanostructures for nonclassical light sources; epitaxy of novel bismides compounds (GaSbBi and GaAsBi).

2. Topics concerning novel devices: semiconductor lasers (VCSEL) arrays for 3D sensing and datacenters; semiconductor lasers for eye-safe LIDAR and mid-IR sensing; high-efficinecy multi-junction solar cells with lattice-matched materials (i.e. GaInNAsSb).

3. Topics concerning technology platforms: hybrid integration of III-V components on silicon-photonics platform (in collaboration with VTT); monolithic integration of III-V compounds on Si/Ge. 

4. Topics concerning photonics applications: eye-safe time-of-flight LIDAR; mid-IR sensing; photovoltaic converter for optical energy transfer; use of semiconductor frequency converted yellow lasers in dermatology and ophthalmology.

Research unit

Physics / Photonics

Research fields

Optoelectronics technology, photonics 


Current grantee of an ERC Advanced Grant (AMETIST) for developing high-efficiency solar cells (2.5 M€), two H2020 projects, one Business Finland project, one Academy of Finland project, one ESA project, and two bilateral projects with industry (750 k€).

Research career

2008 – Professor, Tampere University (Tampere University of Technology until 2018)

2005 – 2008 Senior researcher, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Tampere University of Technology

2003 – 2005 Postdoc, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Tampere University of Technology 

1999 – 2002 Post-grad student, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Tampere University of Technology

1997 – 1999 Teaching assistant (optoelectronics), University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Selected publications