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Theoretical Optics and Photonics

Theoretical Optics and Photonics

Our group aims at understanding the basic properties of light, its interaction with matter at the classical, as well as the quantum scale, with the ultimate goal of searching for new forms of light beam, to control the linear and nonlinear optical properties of photonics structures

Research focus and goals

The research conducted by the theoretical Optics and Photonics is focused on the study of the fundamental properties of light, such as their amplitude, phase, and polarisation patterns. In particular, we are interested in structured light, accelerating light, and the interaction of these peculiar light waves in linear, nonlinear, and complex media, as well as photonics nanostructures.

Moreover, we are also interested in the optical properties of exotic materials, such as epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) media, and 2D materials, both in the linear and nonlinear regime.




Understand the fundamental properties of light and matter to unravel novel ways to control the propagation and interaction of light in suitably engineered photonics nanostructures