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About me

I am a Professor working at the Computational Physics Laboratory, and leader of the Complex Systems research group. Our research field is physics of complex systems, especially numerical modelling of collective phenomena in materials. Lately we have focused on modelling of domain wall dynamics in ferromagnets, plastic deformation of crystalline solids, and crack propagation in disordered solids.

Main positions of trust

  • Board member of the Finnish Physical Society.
  • Editorial board member of the Scientific Reports journal.
  • Deputy board member of Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP).

Research topics

Numerical modelling of collective phenomena in materials, e.g., plastic deformation of crystals, domain wall dynamics in disordered ferromagnets, and crack propagation in disordered solids. We exploit also machine learning to gain novel insights on the complex dynamics exhibited by such systems.

Research fields

Computational physics, statistical physics, physics of complex systems, materials physics

Selected publications

Selected recent publications (for more publication, see the research group home page: