Degree programme

Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences

Scientific breakthroughs based on profound expertise in mathematical and natural sciences

Solutions to current societal challenges.

Graduates from the Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences have great potential to achieve scientific and technological breakthroughs based on their in-depth knowledge and strong research skills.

The strategic profile of the programme consists of three research themes based on a profound knowledge of mathematical and natural sciences: light-based technologies, bioengineering and circular economics, and computational science. The goal of our research is to find solutions to current societal challenges related to, for example, sustainable development, energy and the environment. The research themes are connected to research fields in biotechnology, energy technology, physics, chemistry, and environmental engineering.

Doctoral education is designed for students who are goal-oriented, motivated and committed to their projects. We offer our students opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary research, multidisciplinary networking with companies and the third sector as well as international research collaboration. Our graduates are ready to pursue research careers or take up demanding expert and development positions in business and society.