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How to apply for doctoral programmes at Tampere University

This page will guide you through the admission process for doctoral programmes at Tampere University. Admissions requirements for doctoral programmes can be found on each doctoral programme's admissions pages in -service.

Follow these instructions if applying to all other programmes than International Doctoral in Epidemiology and Public Health (IPPE). If applying to IPPE, please see instructions on the page How to apply for the IPPE.

Applying and application documents

Additional information when applying with degrees completed outside Finland

Official certification or attestation of degrees completed outside Finland

All educational documents from institutions outside Finland must be delivered as either officially certified by the awarding institution or as officially certified (attested) or legalised copies by post. It is also possible to visit our Admissions Office by appointment to deliver the documents or alternatively to show the original educational documents.  

If documents are not electronically verifiable or delivered by the awarding institution by email, documents of degrees awarded in certain countries must be submitted according to the country-specific requirements. Educational documents from China must always be submitted according to the country-specific requirements.

We do not accept regular photocopies of educational documents sent by post. When submitting documents by post, please note that officially certified copies issued by notaries public in other countries are not accepted without legalisation. However, officially certified copies issued by a Finnish Notary Public are accepted (even if the degree has been completed in a country with country-specific requirements).

If you have completed or are completing your degree at one of the Finnish Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences, you do not need to submit certified copies of your educational documents  as Tampere University will verify the copies of your educational documents (pdf documents you have uploaded) electronically using a national database.

Please see detailed information on the documents and instructions on how to submit them below.

Delivering documents by post

If you send the certified copies of your educational documents by post to Tampere University Admissions Office please see the details and address below.

Please post your documents well before the deadline. An applicant is always responsible for the arrival of documents at Admission Office. This is also the case if you do not deliver the documents yourself. We recommend using a courier service instead of regular post especially if sending documents outside the EU, and to ensure that the delivery clears customs easily, please only enclose the paper documents in the delivery envelope. If possible, please indicate the value of the delivery as 0,01.

Tampere University is not responsible for services provided by courier services or other 3rd parties or any delays or damage caused by them.

Postal address

Tampere University
Admissions Office, Doctoral programmes
Kalevantie 4
33100 Tampere

Telephone number for courier services:
+358 294 524 001
(This number is only for the use of courier services. Please see the contact information for the Admissions Office for matters related to applying.)