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High Temperature Aerosol Reactors

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The use of nanomaterials and -structures is increasing rapidly because they provide many interesting properties that may differ greatly from the bulk material. High temperature aerosol processes are one method used for nanomaterial production. The key benefits of the aerosol processes are low energy demand, low waste material production and scalability compared to more traditional liquid phase-based methods. Liquid Flame Spray (LFS) used in the Aerosol Physics Laboratory is one such high temperature aerosol process. It can be used in many nanomaterial production applications ranging from glass coloring to functional coatings on paper surface. While typically the nanomaterial produced by the LFS process is deposited directly to the surface, it can also be used for producing powders of nanoparticles. While our LFS system is built for a laboratory scale operation, the method is scalable to industrial applications. Many other flow-through reactors are also available for nanomaterial production or to modify the freshly generated nanoparticles.