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ADAPT - Autoxidation of Anthropogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (AVOC) as a Source of Urban Air Pollution

Tampere University
Duration of project1.2.2021–31.1.2026
Area of focusTechnology

Resolving the gas-phase chemical pathways leading to ambient AVOC autoxidation, and to the subsequent rapid generation of low volatile material capable of forming and growing the smallest of the atmospheric nanoparticulates.


Air pollution and small particulates suspended in air are currently the leading cause of premature mortality, yet our understanding of their formation is far from complete. This project seeks to alleviate this grand problem by resolving the details of the underlying processes rapidly generating these noxious matter.


To resolve the rapid gas-phase chemical pathways of AVOC autoxidation.


Cleaner air to breathe and more sustainable energy production by combustion practices, and the ultimate ability to predict the outcome of a hydrocarbon emission to the atmosphere.

Funding source