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HYGCEL - Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification

Tampere University
Duration of project1.8.2021–31.12.2023
Area of focusTechnology

Climate change mitigation actions and the rapid technology development enable the transition from fossil fuels to green energy. This change is driven by regulation and the economy. Change is systemic and its progress requires changes in infrastructure. Implementing change also requires proactive action in a timely manner.

The most significant driver of change will be the green hydrogen produced with renewable energy. Hydrogen will play a key role as part of the energy system, but it will also play a significant role as an industrial raw material, as part of the new so-called Power2X products as well as a green traffic fuel. The price of hydrogen production will depend on the price of electricity. It is therefore necessary to ensure both the increase in the production of renewable electricity and sufficient
transmission capacity. The rapid decline in renewable electricity prices, together with the development of technological solutions, has constantly opened up new opportunities for the use of green hydrogen.

Power2X products create new value chains and new business opportunities. The project Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification, HYGCEL investigates the complex change through case studies. To examine the change, value chains are formed and examined simultaneously through

  1. market and regulation,
  2. techno-economic factors, and
  3. sustainability and security.

In practice, P2X products and their markets are studied considering regulatory and technological developments, and the conditions related to their production and logistics are determined together with sustainability aspects.