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PhotonART - When archaeology meets contemporary glass art and advanced photonics

Tampere University
Duration of project1.1.2021–31.12.2023
Area of focusTechnology

This multidisciplinary three-year Art-Science project aims to design unique contemporary glass art masterpieces and photonics materials inspired by ancient and historic Chinese glazes. In this project, the composition of Ancient Chinese glazes will be analyzed to understand the role of the bubbles, crystals and colloidal intermetallic nanostructures on their extraordinary colors and textures. In this project, the research findings from the analysis of the Chinese glaze will be used to prepare new glasses for art and science with similar crystals and metallic nanoparticles. If prepared with similar crystals and metallic particles, glasses are expected to possess not only unique color and texture useful for the Glass Artist but also optical properties which could be promising for science, especially for advanced photonics (nano-optics, plasmonics, photonics, microphotonics, biorobotics, computing and telecommunication, among other key areas of science and technology).

Funding source

Pirkanmaa Regional Fund & Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation