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Non-exhaust emissions in electrifying mining and urban environment

Tampere University
Duration of project1.3.2023–28.2.2026

NEX-EL (Non-exhaust emissions in electrifying mining and urban environment ) -project studies factors affecting gaseous and particulate type non-exhaust emissions, and their air quality impact and mitigation potential in two contrasting environments: in mines and urban street canyons. Both are challenging work environments in terms of air quality and notably, in urban environment large group of people are exposed to these emissions. The share of non-exhaust in total emissions will increase due to the electrification and strict emission limits set for the exhaust emissions. Hence, electrification of machinery and vehicles emphasize the role of emissions other than exhaust emissions, and respective limitations are anticipated. In case of machinery and vehicles, these emission include for instance particles from road surface, brakes and tires. In mining, significant are also emissions from operations, for example use of explosives.In the NEX-EL project, the benefits of electrification are evaluated comprehensively, including the non-exhaust emissions of machines and vehicles, the sources and significance of which, as well as the means of reduction, are previously poorly characterized. NEXEL will develop cost-effective measurement systems and study experimentally air quality and emissions from brakes and tires (e.g. nanoparticles) in laboratory, mine and street environments.For the mines significant research topics include explosives and electric machines. For the mine, an unique air quality model, using measured data, will be developed. The purpose of this model is utilization of air quality information in the operation of mine, e.g. in optimization energy efficiency of ventilation. The results of NEX-EL project will create new knowledge on factors affecting air quality leading to lower emission and reductions in harmful health effects related to non-exhaust emissions.


Business Finland

Coordinating organisation

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland



Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), University of Oulu (OU)