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The European Aerosol Conference 2024

Tampere University
LocationYliopistonkatu 55, 33100 Tampere
Tampere Hall
25.8.2024 0.00–30.8.2024 18.00
Entrance feeHas entrance fee
Ilmakuva Tampereesta ja Tampereen yliopiston keskustakampuksesta.
Welcome to the European Aerosol Conference 2024 in August 2024.

For more information please visit EAC www-pages. 


EAC 2024 is organized by

  • The Finnish Association of Aerosol Science FAAR together with 
  • the Finnish Aerosol Foundation

and supported by 

  • the Tampere University Aerosol Physics group, 
  • the Institute of Atmpospheric Research at the University of Helsinki, 
  • the Finnish Meteorological Institute, 
  • the Atmospheric Physics research group at the University of Eastern Finland, and 
  • the Atmos center at the University of Oulu.


The Finnish Association of Aerosol Science FAAR together with the Finnish Aerosol Foundation

Further information

Miikka Dal Maso and Panu Karjalainen