Faculty of Management and Business

In the Faculty of Management and Business, we teach politics, business studies and administrative studies. Our research focuses on the areas of politics, business, administration, and industrial and information management. With 3,500 students and more than 300 staff members, our Faculty is a large academic community. The unique combination of disciplines is our strength, giving us the chance to offer new perspectives to the issues we research. In the Faculty of Management and Business, our goal is to provide multidisciplinary and internationally high-level research and education. 

In our Faculty, we aim to grasp management and business in ways that cross the traditional disciplinary boundaries. We educate future leaders and experts who fundamentally understand the dynamics of the changing world. In the Faculty of Management and Business, we teach students to see societal changes as a whole that consists of government, business, politics and technology.

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In the Faculty of Management and Business, we do research in the areas of politics, administrative studies, business studies and industrial and information management. Our researchers form an international community of over 300 members. Our multidisciplinary research offers a wide perspective on questions related to society, business and management. We work particularly on the following areas:

  • business ecosystems
  • democracy and power
  • dynamics between technology, innovations, and societal structures
  • financial engineering
  • industrial operations management
  • justice, equality and well-being
  • knowledge economy
  • participation and political agency
  • performance, competitiveness, measurement and evaluation
  • responsible and sustainable development
  • security and risk management
  • services and innovations
  • the public-private interface                                                                                                      
  • urban and regional development
  • value creation             


In the Faculty of Management and Business, we combine three fields of study: administrative sciences, business studies and politics. We are determined to cross borders in both teaching and research. We educate young professionals who are able to understand the continuously changing world and are willing to change it.

All three of our degree programmes are further divided into bachelor’s and master’s level studies. On the bachelor’s degree level, we introduce the students to their academic field through a wide-ranging combination of academic subject areas. The studies in the bachelor’s degree programmes are produced by these subject areas that will also form the specialisation options students will have when they study for their master’s degree.


In their master’s degree studies, students choose one of the specialisation options introduced to them on the bachelor’s degree level. The specialisation options in our three degree programmes are listed below:

Degree Programme in Administrative Studies

  • Administrative science
  • Local and regional governance
  • Environmental policy and regional studies
  • Public financial management
  • Public law

Degree Programme in Business Studies

  • Accounting
  • Business law and tax law
  • Economics
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Management and organisations
  • Marketing             

Degree Programme in Politics

  • International relations
  • Political science

The main language of instruction in our degree programmes is Finnish while we offer some of our courses also in English every year.


Master’s degree programmes

At present, we offer the following degree programmes in English:

Doctoral studies

The Faculty of Management and Business also offers postgraduate degree programmes. The major subjects can be chosen from the following disciplines:

Licentiate of Administrative Sciences & Doctor of Administrative Sciences

  • administrative science
  • environmental policy
  • financial administration and public sector accounting
  • local governance
  • local public economics
  • local public law
  • public law
  • regional studies

Licentiate of Science (Econ./Business Adm.) & Doctor of Science (Econ./Business Adm.)

  • accounting and finance
  • business law
  • economics
  • insurance
  • management and organisation
  • marketing
  • tax law                                                   

Licentiate of Social Sciences and Doctor of Social Sciences

  • international relations
  • political science

If the doctoral candidate has undertaken appropriate prior studies in a subject not included in the list above, the Faculty of Management and Business may also award them the Doctor of Philosophy degree upon completion of the doctoral studies.

Open University

The courses offered by the Open University consist of separate study units as well as study modules from Tampere University’s degree programmes. The Open University is open for everyone regardless of age and educational background. Teaching is organised in the cities of Tampere, Seinäjoki and Pori. In addition, distance learning is possible in many courses.

It is now possible to apply for the Faculty's Finnish-language Degree Programme in Business Studies via Open University. This has already been possible in the Faculty's Finnish-language Degree Programmes in Administrative Studies and Politics.


In the Faculty of Management and Business, we have wide networks both within the university and wider society. Our researchers’ contribution can be seen in both legislative and business processes. We engage in active communication with other societal actors, such as businesses, public administration and NGOs. Some of our research groups offer consultation and education to various organisations. Our researchers also actively participate in public discussions in the media.

Our international network is also broad and we work in close co-operation with our international colleagues. In addition, some of our master’s degree programmes are executed in collaboration with universities abroad.

Management of the Faculty

Matti Sommarberg
matti.sommarberg [at] tuni.fi

Vice Dean for Education
Marko Seppänen
marko.seppanen [at] tuni.fi

Vice Dean for Research
Johanna Kujala
johanna.kujala [at] tuni.fi


Supporting Services

Head of Administration
Sari Saastamoinen
sari.saastamoinen [at] tuni.fi

Faculty Assistant
Maria Ilomäki
maria.ilomaki [at] tuni.fi



Financial Expert
Kaisa Anturamäki
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Head of Study Services
Heli Tontti
heli-maija.tontti [at] tuni.fi