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Maisema Hämeensillalta

Tampere University Centre for Governance and Evaluation (TAUGO)

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety

In recent years, Tampere University’s Faculty of Management and Business has assisted, evaluated and developed Finnish governance and public administration as well as conducted research. The TAUGO research centre offers stakeholders and other actors in public administration a channel for reaching out to the centre’s research, evaluation and development services. The main clients will continue to be various public administration bodies, such as ministries, agencies, regions, welfare regions and cities.

TAUGO’s projects are mainly evaluation studies, applied research and research-based development activities. The projects are typically solution oriented, and they also develop evaluation research methodologies.

Depending on the project, multidisciplinary teams from various disciplines represented at Tampere University and possibly also external actors will be involved. Students may use the data generated by the projects when writing theses.

TAUGO’s steering group and core expertise consists of strong research teams led by faculty members Markku Sotarauta, Jari Stenvall, Arto Haveri, Nina Helander, Jarmo Vakkuri and Elias Pekkola. Pasi-Heikki Rannisto is Director of TAUGO.