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Tampere Centre for Security, Risk, and Resilience (TASERR)

TASERR examines issues that can be labelled as security, risk, resilience, safety, deterrence, and surveillance.

Contemporary societies are plagued by transnational disruptions, such as climate change, energy crises, pandemics, forced displacement, democratic decline, deep global inequality, violent conflicts, and the destabilizing effects of existing and emerging technologies including networked information technologies and artificial intelligence.

TASERR promotes and coordinates research on these problems by drawing upon interdisciplinary resources within the Faculty of Management and Business, and other faculties in the university, and develops national and international researcher networks for this end. TASERR also fosters societal interaction with relevant local, national and international stakeholders in the public, private and NGO sectors.

TASERR contributes to teaching in security areas. As a special assignment, it develops and coordinates the national teaching on strategy in relevant security fields.