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Security Governance, Security and Safety Management

Tampere University

Towards a SAFER future

The complex and rapidly changing security and safety environment, continuous technological advancements, and new needs concerning enterprise risk management, occupational safety and the protection of citizens call for innovative and future-oriented interdisciplinary education in the fields of security and safety management.

New professions will continue to emerge in both the public and private sectors (public administration, security organisations, businesses and civil society) locally, nationally and globally. The new professions in security, safety and risk management require innovative in-depth knowledge and skills that are based on interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies. Organisations and enterprises need highly qualified professionals with a thorough understanding of security and safety management, safety engineering, risk management, governance and leadership.

The Master’s Programme in Security and Safety Management (SAFER) responds to this demand by educating experts who specialise in either Security Governance or Safety Management and Engineering. Depending on their major, students graduate with a Master’s degree in either administrative sciences MSc (Admin), or technology, MSc (Tech). The two majors have their own admission and degree requirements. Apart from the majors, the programme mainly consists of joint courses. Students enrolled in SAFER can also choose courses across all the Faculties at Tampere University.

Tampere University - Security and Safety Management

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