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Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences, Business Studies and Politics

Tampere University

Aiming at demanding expert positions


Postgraduate degree (University)

Degree earned

Doctor of Administrative Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Science (Econ./Business Adm.)
Doctor of Social Sciences

Planned duration

4 years

Extent of studies

240 ECTS



In the Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences, Business Studies ja Politics, students can complete the doctoral degrees of Doctor of Administrative Sciences, Doctor of Science (Econ./Business Adm.), or Doctor of Social Sciences.

In this joint doctoral programme, students will carry out doctoral-level research in their chosen field and on the main research themes of the Faculty of Management and Business. The main themes include management in all its forms; the interface between the public and private sectors; democracy and power; responsibility and sustainable development; value creation and innovation; performance, measurement and evaluation; and urban and regional development. The aim is to explore and understand complex contemporary phenomena which are firmly connected with the contexts of business and economics, administrative science, as well as political science.

Students graduating with a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Management and Business go on to demanding expert and managerial positions in businesses, as well as positions in finance, administration and governance within both private and public sectors.

Carefully read through the admissions requirements before applying. For additional questions on applying, application documents and application process, please contact our Admissions office. For questions regarding the content of the programme, please contact mab.doc.tau(a)

To find a responsible supervisor, start by contacting one of our professors, please see the list of supervisors. Once you've found a responsible supervisor, consider together other possible supervisors or members of a follow-up group.