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Business and Technology students doing a small group assignment

Business and Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management

Tampere University

Business and technology studies prepare you for an international career

The technology industry needs young professionals with an intercultural mindset and an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies. We at Tampere University welcome engineers and engineering graduates from all over the world to study in our Master’s Programme in Business and Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management in an intercultural, business-oriented learning environment.

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Business and Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management (B&T) focuses on business development in international sales and sourcing networks. Companies operate in global networks; both managers and business development professionals need to understand how these networks work and how they can be managed.

In B&T you will develop a thorough understanding of the business processes characteristic of global business-to-business markets and the ability to apply business development practices in international networks. As a special feature, our B&T programme emphasises problem-based learning in projects with the local industry. Our programme combines theory and practice providing students with skills and competences appreciated in the industry; in terms of graduate employment rates, B&T is one of the leading international master's programmes in Europe. An engineering background complemented with B&T is, therefore, an excellent starting point for a career in management.

As B&T is targeted at young engineers and engineering graduates, we place special focus on technology-intensive products and services. This pedagogical approach ensures that students are able to take full advantage of their engineering background when repositioning themselves in the management field.