Mikko Joronen

Academy Research Fellow, Docent in Political Geography (University of Turku)
Faculty of Management and Business
| Sub unit: Administrative Studies | Lab or field: Environmental Policy and Regional Studies

About me

I am a political geographer currently working as a Finnish Academy Research Fellow at Tampere University. I also hold a docentship (Adjunct Professor) in Political Geography at University of Turku. In Tampere I am affiliated to Space and Political Agency Research Group (SPARG), but also run Palestine Research Group.   

My current research is focused on two broader themes: one, on the politics of vulnerability, particularly on how it is formed in relation to different forms of governing, power and everyday life under military occupation (West Bank in particular); and two, on looking at how different futures in /of Palestine emerge in the intersection of everyday life and political violence. These themes are related to my long interest on the questions of ontology, politics and space, which I have recently approached by elaborating the notions of 'woundedness' and ‘politics of wound’. My recent publications thus deal with questions of waiting, slow wounding, mundane resistance, settler colonialism, thanatopolitics, and prospective temporalities in Palestine, but I have also discussed questions of ontology, space and politics in relation to themes such as neoliberalism, globalisation and topological theory.

Currently I am leading two research projects - first one focusing on 'Politics of Precarity' in vulnerable parts of the West Bank (Academy of Finland, 2017-2022, PI), the second one dealing with the 'Present-futures in/of Palestine' (Academy of Finland project, 2019-2023, PI) - while also working as a co-investigator in a project focusing on Israel's VISA restrictions and their effect on Palestinian social and political life (British Academy, Newcastle University, 2019-2021).

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Fields of expertise

Fields of Expertise

Political geography; power and everyday violence; geographies of war, conflict and political violence; Palestine; Middle East; theory and philosophy of geography; globalisation and neoliberalism; spatial and political ontologies