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Administrative Studies

The administrative studies in Tampere University is the most extensive disciplinary unit in research and education of administrative sciences in Finland. Our educational and research fields are public administration, public finances, public law and regional and environmental studies. We have 15 professors and about 75 other researchers and teachers working in the academic unit, with approximately 140 master graduates and 10 doctoral graduates annually.

We work intensively with public administrations and provide leading research of public activities, regional development, environmental politics, and the interface of public and private organizations and activities. Every year, we provide several contract research reports for ministeries, municipalities and other institutions. Members of our academic unit work in international expert positions, for example in the World Bank, the Council of Europe, the European Commission and OECD.

Main funders of our research are the Academy of Finland, the European Commission, other public institutions and various foundations and international funders, such as the Nordic Council of Ministers.