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Research Group on Public Financial Management

The mission of the research group on Public Financial Management is to combine multi-faceted understanding on economics and finance with developing and reforming public service delivery, and public administration in general. The group aims to provide scientific information, methods and tools to facilitate the practical work of public administration and management.

Research focus and goals

The main goal of the research group is to explore distinct forms of economic rationalism in the modern public sector. The group also emphasizes new emerging modes of hybrid governance in the public-private sector interface.

The groups research focuses on the finance, economic planning, decision making, control and evaluation of public sector activities. Moreover, the research group analyzes systems and models of performance evaluation and management. We are interested both in the systems as such, as well as in the ways they are applied and enacted in public administration.

Important research areas of the group include:

  • Performance management and measurement in public administration
  • Sustainability and public financial management
  • Hybrid governance and organizations
  • Public sector accounting, auditing and control

The members of the research are directors and/or partners in several research networks and projects. These include theoretical and conceptual projects (e.g. Academy of Finland) as well as applied research projects. The research group receives funding from both Finnish and international sources.

Other members

Jarmo Vakkuri, Eija Vinnari, Lasse Oulasvirta, Lotta-Maria Sinervo,  Anniina Autero, Harri Laihonen, Tomi Rajala, Anna Kork, Jaakko Rönkkö,  Mikko Lilja,  Petra Kokko, Peeter Peda.

Moreover, the research group systematically collaborates with several other partners and networks from Finland and other countries.