Research group

Research group of local and regional governance

Faculty or school: Faculty of Management and Business | Lab or field: Local and Regional Governance

The group carries out and coordinates research on governance/management of municipalities, cities and regions as part of the multidisciplinary research group at Tampere University's School of Management. The group's study contains both theoretical and empirical perspectives for the management and change of municipalities and regions. The main topic of the group is "transformation of local governance".

Research focus and goals

The aim is to focus research activities particularly on the theme: "Cities and municipalities as distinct platforms and ecosystems" and apply for international research funding. In local government and governance research there is a growing need for multidisciplinary orientation, research which is not placed in traditional silos and classifications. The Group seeks to work closely with various partners to meet this need.

Key issues in the past few years have been local government leadership, local governance as part of the global environment, public sector innovations, co-production of services, and reform of local and regional government. The group has carried out many research projects on these topics funded by different partners.

For example, three separate but interrelated projects were implemented on local government leadership between 2014-2018, focusing on:

  1. Municipal managers of the Baby Boom Genera- tion
  2. The new generation of of local leaders
  3. Changes in needs ofcompatences of chief executive officers)

Contact persons

Arto Haveri


arto.haveri [at]

+358 40 190 4020


Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko


ari-veikko.anttiroiko [at]

+358 40 190 4017