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DRAMA - dramaturgy of workplace wellbeing

Tampere Universities

The project, DRAMA - dramaturgy of workplace wellbeing, aims towards developing new tools for conflict management and workplace wellbeing using rules and tools of storytelling and dramaturgy.


At workplaces, we often try to avoid or even surpress conflicts, and the disturbing emotions arising from conflicting situations. However, in the industry of storytelling, conflicts are an essential ingredient of a story that deserves to be told.  

Experts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences's Media unit and Tampere University's Faculty of Management and Business, in collaboration with participating companies, are developing training methods through which the workplaces can develop their skills in understanding and handling conflicts. Through this development, workplace wellbeing can be improved.


As a result of the project, a study package, and a workbook supported by a documentary film about storytelling as a tool for addressing conflicts are produced.

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Contact persons

Arto Koskinen

Project manager

arto.koskinen [at]

+358 50 405 5231


Paula Rossi

Project manager

paula.rossi [at]

+358 50 318 7456