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EdDiCo- Empowering Educators

The key stakeholders for EdDiCo are educators. The development of their digital skills and competences will benefit every other stakeholder within the education ecosystem.

The EdDiCo project aims at empowering individual educators to

(a) identify the potential technology holds to transform and improve the education they offer;

(b) identify the digital competences they would need to acquire to take advantage of those technologies and associated methodologies and

(c) find the educational resources necessary to acquire those competences

Educators will be prepared to face challenges of 21st century education thanks to a set of tools which facilitate their self-assessment of own digital education competences and the usage of the European largest guided self-study repository to foster the development of educational digital competences

Erasmus+Logo of the project EdDiCo

Funding source

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union