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Information and Knowledge Management


Tampere has a long history of research and education in the field of information and knowledge management. The first students started working towards their degree in this field in Tampere in 1999. The first academic department that brought together research and teaching in information and knowledge management was established 2002, thus laying the foundations for our current research and teaching activities in this field at Tampere University.

The Information and Knowledge Management Unit at Tampere University employs 6 professors and over 30 professionals working on research and teaching in the field. With the digital transformation reshaping our society, information and knowledge management serves as a bridge between, for example, the fields of IT, the built environment, signal processing, business, administration and health sciences. We have several multidisciplinary projects underway that address the current challenges facing our society, illustrating the ongoing shift towards increasingly multidisciplinary studies.  

Information and knowledge management is a discipline that studies and develops tools, processes, techniques and practices for gathering, analysing, refining and using knowledge throughout an organisation. This holistic approach is needed when resolving practical challenges in both the private and public sectors.